Our Story

Snuggleberry Baby

The magic of Snuggleberry Baby:  delightful bedding, coordinated with an enchanting storybook, a little friend for baby and lots of love.
As a mom of 4, with an interior design background, I’ve put a lot of thought into what products help parents bond with their babies. The dream of every new parent, is the… awww moment. Baby in Mom’s or Dad’s arms, peacefully snuggling, bonding and rocking. I set out to create products that promote that setting.
Quality, affordability, and trend is my focus for my products. Love, bonding and quality time with baby is my ultimate goal.
What sets my line apart is the setting of a nursery experience. The bedding collections are designed to coordinate with a line of character storybooks, to promote a Snuggleberry experience. Baby snuggling with his or her friend, owl, monkey, shell etc., exploring the adventures of Snuggleberry with mom. Thus achieving my vision of increased love and quality time spent with our babies.

Chavy Abelesz

Founder / Designer