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African Dream Collection

This African Dream collection transforms your nursery into the ultimate safari experience, transporting your budding little adventurer directly to the rugged outback. Play along with Zebra and Monkey amid the bold colors of an African sunset as they camp out by a warm fire. With scenery inspired by the true African wilderness, your baby will be captivated with this boldly distinctive and tastefully modern bedding ensemble.

Nightie Night Owl Collection

Restless nights and fashion gurus are no match for our Nightie Night collection! High in a dreamy tree house, feathered friends Owl and Canary will sing sweet lullabies of friendship and love. Soothing greys and warm shades of amber transform your nursery into a place of lofty aspirations and sweet dreams where contemporary design meets affordable style.

Sun and Sand Collection

There’s no cooler way to fall asleep than on a sandy beach surrounded by good friends. An array of soothing hues, calm colors, and beach-inspired patterns create this fun scene where your little one can drift away on a sea of happy tranquility, dreaming about the sun and the sand, and snuggled among happy ocean friends.

Sunflower Love Collection

Infuse your nursery with the vibrant energy and stimulating environment of our Sunflower Love collection. A dashing display of bold, trendsetting colors and patterns will surround your little ray of sunshine in the timeless charm of a springtime garden, bringing with them the bright disposition and innocent wonder only nature can bestow. Come, little one, and let’s explore this blooming garden!

Nothing makes bedtime as memorable as a story to share and nothing makes a nursery more snuggly-sweet than our charming bedding coordinates. Impeccably designed with quality in mind, Snuggleberry Baby's products center on strengthening the bond between parent and child, and our hope is to put you and your baby at the very heart of that goal.